Question 33.) If everyone would just put aside their preconceived ideas and take the Bible for what it is, would we be in agreement in everything?

From my experiences over the years the brethren who propose or suggest that we just take the Bible for what it says, and then we would have agreement or unity are some of the least likely to do this. I have found that they are really saying that they want you to change your interpretations or viewpoints and accept theirs. They really don’t want to hear your side. This is evident in some of the party publications. Editors and writers will make such proposals, but try to get them to print or publish your views in their papers. Their response is that we are not going to give you any access or an avenue to publicize your errors. Continue reading


For Your Thought 50 — Power Brokers

Recently I received an e-mail from a brother in Christ in which he referred to those leaders who control the various parties in the Churches of Christ as “power brokers”. Who are these people? They are the editors and staff and writers of party or sectarian journals, some elders, some prominent party evangelists and preachers. They are the ones who control and seek to control the rank and file through coercion, intimidation, and threat. They are dogmatic and domineering. Continue reading

“Called to be saints”

Dear brethren,

As we are blessed to begin a new year it is a propitious time to examine our lives and seek to increase our devotion to God and serving Him. With this in mind I want to call your attention to some things the apostle Paul said in the Roman letter relative to sainthood. Continue reading

For Your Thought 49: Myths of the Churches of Christ

1.) The membership of our party constitutes the one true church.

2.) We represent the restored New Testament church.

3.) We are not a denomination.

4.) We are not sectarians. Continue reading

Question 32. What is Christ’s attitude toward any individual or group of believers outside of our own group doing good in his name?

Who in their right mind would think that Jesus Christ would be negative toward any believers doing good in his name? Does Jesus oppose anybody, believer or unbeliever, doing good at anytime? Somehow some of our brethren seem to think that brethren who do not agree with us on certain issues and are not of our party do good for naught and have no right to do so in the name of Christ. Continue reading

Bibliolatry, Churchianity, And Religiosity

December 2011

Dear brethren,

As we close another year I feel blessed despite my thinking that the world has waxed worse in my sunset years compared to earlier decades. It is my thought that believers have contributed to the present conditions of the world by having morphed belief in Jesus and discipleship into religious systems characterized by sectarian partisanship and rivalry that repels people instead of drawing them to Christ. Thank God I see this changing as more and more brethren are challenging and questioning some traditional attitudes and practices. They are seeing that brotherhood and unity are a result of being in Christ and to be maintained by “bearing with one another in love” rather than by blackballing, “disfellowshipping,” and dividing. Continue reading

For Your Thought – 48 (Two Quotes Relative To Two Citations)

Recently I finished reading King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus by Timothy Keller, which book is of the same caliber of reading as his The Reason for God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism– challenging, forceful, inspirational, insightful, knowledgeable, needed, pleasurable reading. Relative to the former book I want to call to your attention some thoughts he conveyed with reference to two sources he cited. Continue reading