Question 29: Should the Churches of Christ be more diligent in obeying the tax laws?

29. Should the Churches of Christ as a whole be more diligent regarding their obligations as regards their obedience to the government requirements for establishing themselves as not for profit organizations and do they provide the necessary information to the Federal and State taxing agencies regarding payment to preachers, evangelists, etc. for the purpose of reporting their personal income tax?

This is an area of thought or subject among many that I confess to a lack of knowledge and a lot of ignorance I’m really not knowledgeable about what a congregation has to provide the governments as to requirements relative to being a “not for profit organization” and information about payment of “preachers, evangelists, etc. for the purpose of reporting their personal income tax” as I have never been involved or functioned in a capacity with such responsibilities. This is no excuse for my lack of knowledge or ignorance.

I do know that the bottom line is that a congregation is to be ethical, honest, and moral in regard to its compliance or obedience to the law of the land. If a congregation is to report what it is paying personnel to the taxing agencies they should so do. In turn, if those paid are to report their earnings to the authorities they should so do.

If I understand this question correctly there is some suspicion or knowledge that congregations are not following the law in reporting their payment of personnel, and in turn, preachers, evangelists, etc. are not reporting their income for tax purposes.

In other words, the “check” provided by the former to the government to hold
the latter responsible is not being done enabling the latter to avoid paying taxes. This would be wrong if done ignorantly, and would be terribly wrong if done deliberately and through collusion. I would hope that if such is occurring it is exceptional and because of the former and not the latter.


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