Question 33.) If everyone would just put aside their preconceived ideas and take the Bible for what it is, would we be in agreement in everything?

From my experiences over the years the brethren who propose or suggest that we just take the Bible for what it says, and then we would have agreement or unity are some of the least likely to do this. I have found that they are really saying that they want you to change your interpretations or viewpoints and accept theirs. They really don’t want to hear your side. This is evident in some of the party publications. Editors and writers will make such proposals, but try to get them to print or publish your views in their papers. Their response is that we are not going to give you any access or an avenue to publicize your errors.

On the surface this idea seems to have some merit, but it is simplistic and won’t work and is not necessary. In the first place we interpret the Bible and have to interpret it. It doesn’t interpret itself. Then in interpreting the Bible we are influenced by our early training, our education, our environment, our intelligence, our knowledge, and even our desires and motives. Some don’t like to admit to some of these things, but they do influence us and keep us from being absolutely objective. I have found that those who realize such factors influence us tend to be the most objective and least influenced by preconceived ideas.

We need to understand that agreement on the disputable issues that we have used as a cover for our divisions is not necessary for unity. Should we strive to agree. Certainly, but as full-fledged brethren in Christ. Agreement could enhance our relationships, but it is not the basis of our unity.


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